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The IAA World Congress (IAAWC) has been a legacy since 1938 that takes place every 2-3 years in major cities around the world like NY, London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Beijing, Dubai, Moscow, etc.

IAA Malaysia and Penang State will host the 45th IAA World Congress in Penang, Malaysia from March 6-8, 2024, highlighting sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusion and ESG at the core of everything we do.

The IAAWC is the largest marketing & communications technology gathering comprising marketing, media, creativity, communication, technology, and education.

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Welcome message from prof. John D Chacko

President Of IAA Malaysia & Organising Chairman Of The 45th IAA World Congress

Prof. John D Chacko Prof. John D Chacko President of IAA Malaysia
Chairman of the 45th IAA World Congress, Penang

IAA Malaysia and Penang are proud to be the host of the the 45th IAA World Congress, a first in South East Asia. The theme of the Congress is Brand: RE-CODE, for a Better World, Better Life. The congress will also celebrate the 85th Anniversary of IAA Global, the 30th Anniversary of IAA Malaysia, and International Women’s Day.

Come and immerse yourself in Penang, a silicone island of the East, a UNESCO World Heritage site where the confluence of diversity, heritage, arts and culture forms the very fabric of society and is celebrated everyday. Be informed, be inspired and be invigorated in Penang and Re-CODE yourself. I look forward to welcoming you in Penang.


Be informed, be inspired and be invigorated in Penang and RE-CODE.

Join us to create a Better world, Better life for all.

The 45th IAA World Congress 2024 Our Congress Will Start In