Rupen Desai CMO & Venture Partner, Una Terra and Co-founder, TS/28

Rupen, named as one of the world's most influential CMOs by Forbes co-founded The Shed 28 (TS/28) to build businesses that our conscience can live with. TS/ 28 partners organizations towards the responsibility a purposeful business have for the prosperity of people and the planet, in addition to the shareholder. He is, also, the outside-in CMO and Venture partner at Una Terra, where Rupen is responsible for scaling the impact and growth of the fund, the companies invested in, and the broader movement addressing climate change and the loss of biodiversity. Prior to joining Una Terra, Rupen served as the outside-in global CMO at Dole Sunshine Co., blueprinting a company-wide transformation with purpose & sustainability at the heart of the company’s business model. Furthermore, Rupen serves as a member of the executive board at the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and is an advisory board member for Copenhagen Cartel & Sustainable Brands. Rupen shares Don Quixote's values in pursuing windmills that truly matter.