Chi XiaoYan Executive Director and Senior Vice President,, Deputy Director of Marketing Management Committee, Phoenix TV Group

Chi XiaoYan
Executive Director and Senior Vice President of, Deputy Director of Marketing Management CommitteeofPhoenix TV Group. Master's degree from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. Vice President of China Advertising Association,Cannes Young Lions China Final Jury, Greater China Effie Awards Final Jury, Chairman of Great-wall Award Jury, Visiting Professor of School of Advertising, Communication University of China, Professional Mentor of Advertising at Minzu University of China, Executive Director of Institute of Native Marketing Research of, Initiatorofthe "Youth BANG" project, Special Columnist of "Digital Marketing", "Advertiser" magazine. She won the "2018 China Internet Economy Top Ten Persons of the Year" ,"Golden Mouse 10th Anniversary - Digital MarketingLeader", "2019 IAI International Advertising Award - Most Influential Industry Figure of the Year", "2019 Reformand OpeningUpandAdvertising Industry Recovery for Forty Years - Top Ten Persons of Brands", "2020 China Public Welfare Figure" and other awards.

Day 3 - March 8, 2024 (Friday)

Time Session
  • IAA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Vision
    A glimpse of IAA’s advocacy, thought leadership and key KPIs for DEI including Gender Diversity.
    Sheba Nandkeolyar Speaker IAA Global Vice President, DE&I IAA Australia President CEO, MultiConnexions Group
  • Unity in Diversity: Women Empowering the World
    As the most extensive audience amid Chinese-language media organizations overseas?Phoenix TV Group has alwaysfocusedonwomen's issues. On one hand, how do we use our international media advantage to tell the stories of Chinese women; ontheotherhand, how do we fulfill our media responsibilities to allow Chinese women to tell their own positive stories.
    Chi XiaoYan Speaker Executive Director and Senior Vice President,, Deputy Director of Marketing Management Committee, Phoenix TV Group
  • The Future is Female
    Enabling women to achieve their full potential - both in business and in the communities we serve - is not only a matter of social responsibility, morality, and legal compliance; it also makes excellent business sense. Knowing the facts around the role that women play in society and in households, we need to challenge ourselves as marketers to consider how much of our work is actually targeted at women? The future may be female, but are we geared efficiently as a marketing community to cater to that?
    Khensani Nobanda Speaker Group Executive For Group Marketing And Corporate Affairs, Nedbank
  • Re-coding Creativity Through the Lenses of Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity
    Simon Cook Speaker Chief Executive Officer, LIONS
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